The Fly on the Wall Media is the exclusive web space of award-winning journalist, multimedia producer and documentarian Kevin Spurgaitis. Employed in the Canadian and overseas media for more than 17 years, Spurgaitis has served as a feature writer for the Bermuda Sun Mid-Atlantic newspaper, a reporter and associate editor with the New Times journal, as well as a staff writer, digital content editor and multimedia producer for the UC Observer magazine. Additionally, he has freelanced for CBC documentary teams, Bell Media, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Guardian and Rogers Publishing.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Spurgaitis has a special interest in public health and human rights issues. In his tenure, he has interviewed prominent researchers, authors, NGO executives, public policy makers and Nobel Prize laureates, as well as international dignitaries, such as Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, then-UN Special AIDS Envoy Stephen Lewis and Lt. General Romeo Dallaire, the former force commander of the UN Mission to Rwanda. He has reported on the socio-economic tensions inside Toronto's Jane and Finch community, the longstanding HIV/AIDS pandemic and the challenges of delivering humanitarian aid around the world post-9/11. In a series of feature articles, he also chronicled the increase in suicides amongst First Nations youth and those living in Northern Ireland after the Troubles. For these and other reports, Spurgaitis has earned acclaim for journalistic excellence in both Canada and the U.S.


“Spurgaitis is a skilled and committed journalist. He proves himself to be adept at constructing the kind of solid backgrounders and offbeat features that readers find both useful and compelling … In my 17 years in journalism, I have never worked with a reporter who is more fastidious about ‘getting it right.’ For Spurgaitis, this invariably means touching all the bases, soaking up and weighing all the facts, and then writing with the kind of fluency and authority that only thorough reporting allows. If you want a writer to ‘fudge it’ or tell half the tale, then Spurgaitis is not your man. He displays a knack for finding the noteworthy in the mundane and reducing the complex to the readable. He has a good ear for dialogue, and is able to win the trust of people through his earnest and sensitive approach to his work. Also a talented and creative photojournalist, he has a natural aversion to clichés and a keen eye for the unconventional.”

— Tony McWilliam, Managing Editor, Bermuda Sun Mid-Atlantic Newspaper

“A journal such as the Catholic New Times requires a versatile journalist and Spurgaitis was the embodiment of this. He never ceases to fulfill his responsibilities to the publication and its readers. As well, Spurgaitis’ many feature and hard news articles for us have been commented on as being completely thorough, transparent and fair. His prose is crystal clear, while his researching skills are excellent. He is extremely professional and an indefatigable digger of information, always double and triple checking facts and figures in this regard. I would enthusiastically recommend him not only as a journalist but as an interested and curious world citizen.”

— Ted Schmidt, Editor (Emeritus), Catholic New Times

“Spurgaitis takes the reader to the front lines. He uses highly credible sources and quotes; excellent background material and presents it all in a palatable format.”

— Richard Landau, Senior Executive Producer at CTS TV

“… Telling the important issues, Spurgaitis puts a human face on a story that could easily be drowned in politics and statistics.”

— Jeff Strickler, Faith and Values reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune


* Silver Award for Multimedia Feature for a Consumer or Trade Magazine 2015 (Canadian Online Publishing Awards)

* Silver Award for Online Video or Multimedia Feature 2014 (National Magazine Awards)

*Best Video for Multimedia Feature for a Consumer or Trade Magazine 2013 (Canadian Online Publishing Awards)

* Best Video for Multimedia Feature for a Consumer or Trade Magazine 2012 (Canadian Online Publishing Awards)

* Nominated for Best Multimedia Story for a Consumer or Trade Magazine 2011 (Canadian Online Publishing Awards)

* First Place for Magazine Feature Article 2009 (Canadian Church Press)

* First Place for In-depth Treatment of a News Event 2009 (Canadian Church Press)

* First Place for Biographical Magazine Profile 2009 (Canadian Church Press)

* A.C. Forrest Memorial Award for Magazine Feature Article 2009 (Canadian Church Press)

* Award of Excellence for In-depth Magazine Coverage 2009 (Associated Church Press)

* Honourable Mention for Long-form Magazine Feature Article 2009 (Associated Church Press)

* Award of Merit for Photography with Feature Article 2009 (Associated Church Press)


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